Sunday, November 2, 2008

Artist of the Week

Every now and then I stumble across an artist whose work delights me...not in a rainbow-and-ponies kind of way...but in a those-twin-girls-from-the-shining-with-a-dash-of-whimsy kind of way. For those of you who enjoy the slightly dark and bizarre, I introduce to you the beauty that is Art & Ghosts. Here a few samples of her amazing work (all of which are available for purchase from

New Shoes

A Mild Altercation Between Friends

Proud Sally - Film Star
Penny Farthing

all images in this post: copyright art & ghosts
all rights reserved


  1. hi!
    thanks for your valuable comment in my blog .your words are very inspiring and your blog is simply marvelous.beautiful work and of course neat too.
    i will be back soon!
    keep posting.......

  2. I think I've either featured her or have her in my line-up to feature, too! I've written a few posts ahead just in case I'm not up to it some days, and I think one of her things might be in one of them. Gorgeous work. Love your blog!

  3. femin susan:

    thank so are too sweet! It's so nice to know that someone enjoys the little tidbits I dig up :)

  4. xylia:
    great minds think alike! she's awesome, isn't she...
    I like your idea about writing your blogs in clusters...I just might try that...some days are just too hectic to make it online, let alone post.

  5. I'm a lover of Art & Ghosts as well... she has a blog I follow, too. Haunting and beautiful, yay!

  6. thanks for her blog link, choklit :)
    i'm off to take a gander.