Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tearing My Hair Out

It is with some regularity that Firefox decides to throw a temper tantrum and deletes all my bookmarks. I have just noticed that the Victorian folder I had created is completely gone. ARRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
There was a link to an absolutely fantastic blog that featured oodles and oodles of fantastic steampunk/neo-victorian/goth-y goodness and I cannot, for the life of me, remember what it is called. It first came to my attention when it featured this stunning absinthe decanter from the Victorian Trading Company.

I know I'm not providing a lot of information to go on, but if anyone could help me find this blog again (I think it was on wordpress?) I would be eternally grateful.
In the meantime I shall just peruse the glorious and drool-worthy wares that the Victorian Trading Company offers...
case in point:

Railway Station Dancing Doll Music Box
Singing Bird Boxes - Silver Warbler Box
I could go on and on and on for days and days posting the photos of their finery.

So, yeah...any help in finding that blog would be GREATLY appreciated.


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  2. It look like a challenge but remembering a few words from one of the post titles or an actual image you saved from the site will be very helpful.

    At least let me throw in one site:

    Though it has a few items similar to those posted, it probably is not the site you're looking for. Still a good read.

  3. femin susan:

    Thanks so much :) I'm glad you enjoy my random ramblings. I've posted a response on your blog.


  4. archiver:

    thanks so much for the link...I'm digging that blog...the steampunk watch they have featured (oct 29 post)is gorgeous!

  5. This one, maybe? I lost a lot of my links because of Firefox, too. :-(

    Here's a page of links I found a while back...kind of old, but maybe it will help...

  6. thanks for the links, xylia. I've checked out steampunkhome before (love it, but the way), but gas lamp fantasy was new to has some good links, but, alas, not the one for which I've been searching...

    a pox on firefox!