Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This Post has NOTHING to do with the Presidential Election

Unlike every single other post that is being written in the blogosphere today, I will not be mentioning the presidential election anywhere in this post other than this very first sentence.

Now then, with that out of the way...
Has anyone ever tried using an inkjet waterslide transfer?
I'm curious to know how well they work as far as durability, ease of use, etc.
Just curious.

Now for something completely random:
I just saw a cartoon of some zombie chickens and it reminded me of the single most bizarre ad campaign ever (courtesy of Burger King).
Subservient Chicken
There you will find a man dressed in a chicken suit who is ready and willing to do what you tell him to do. It disturbs me to no end. The mere fact that this site has been up and running for at least 4 years is truly stunning. Go check it out...I promise you won't be disappointed...mildly disturbed, yes, but disappointed, no.

Today I leave you with:
The Zombie Activity and Coloring Book
available from Jeff Freels.

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