Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bloody Fantastic!

Greetings ghouls and boils:

As Halloween (the holiday I hold most dear) draws near it's important to allow your baking to reflect the spirit of the season. So, in the spirit of ghosts, zombies, blood and guts I give you the following:

Courtesy of Etsy's How-Tuesday:
Sweet Tooth of the Tiger makes Bleeding Vampire Cupcakes

read the rest of the article by clicking the How-Tuesday link above.

If zombies are more your speed then I give you:
beatblack's Lunch Meat necklace:


Zombie Escape Plan journal

Do have a newborn? Are you looking for a mobile to hang over the crib? Then try


Six Feet Under Mobile (one of the absolute most awesome things I've seen in ages!)

How bloody fantastic...
Have a spooktacular evening.


  1. ooo! thanks so much for including me in this post!! I love your blog, its fantastic <3

    and that jack-o-lantern is way creepy... I got a blank pumpkin just waiting to be carved and some much appreciated inspiration from that one, lol

  2. I'm more than happy to include you :) I love your necklace!

    I would love to see a pic of your pumpkin when you're finished...if you post a photo, please send me the link.