Thursday, May 29, 2008

thursday's bullet points about ghosts and coffee

because my thursdays are hectic this will be to the point:

* Ghost hunters ROCKED last night...although I disagree with their interpretation of the second EVP they captured...they heard "I will do this." Do we all become Shakespearian actors when we die? I certainly don't know anyone who speaks that way. I heard "I will..." and then a word that begins with a "th" sound. They should seriously consider bringing in a speech pathologist as a consultant...they would, without a doubt, be able to more accurately decipher EVPs since they specialize in recognizing speech patterns.

* My mom was sweet enough to swing by my house this morning with a cup of coffee from McDonalds for me...and I hate to admit this, but McDonalds sugar-free vanilla coffee blows Starbucks version out of the water. *hangs head in shame* Those of you who know me, know I despise chains like McDonalds, Burger King and the like for numerous reasons, but I'm afraid I will have to lift my boycott and make an allowance for their coffee. Delicious. Seriously. Yum.

other things i'm loving right now:

*Smith's Rosebud Salve: great makes you lips soft and shiny, makes my cuticles and nails (and i have a habit of picking at them when i'm anxious) look amazing, makes my elbows nice and soft, looks great on the cheeks for that dewy look and it smells fantastic. The only way this stuff could get any better is if it changed flat tires and did laundry.

*David Lynch: I have been resisting the urge to go on another Twin Peaks bender...whether this is due to my friend Charlene's recent visit (we would have TP marathons in high school, complete with coffee and cherry pie) or because my mother and I were talking about Kyle McLaughlin (sp?) I do not know.

*Spray Paint: it's ability to simplify crafting projects is AWESOME.

*Special K protein water: as a vegetarian I am always looking for a little extra protein. Since I started drinking this once a day I have noticed I have more energy...who knows whether it's due to the extra protein or the fact that it is LOADED with b vitamins.

Hope you all have a smashing Thursday.

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