Friday, February 20, 2009

Fashion Friday

So, as you may or may not know, I have been ill.
It's stupid how long I've been sick.
It just keeps coming back...
like that a**hole ex-boyfriend
that just can't take a hint, constantly stopping by, calling
at all hours of the night, making you rethink your stance
on gun ownership...
This bug is
clinging desperately to my insides, fending off
the antibiotics, trying with great tenacity to regain it's
vice-like grip on my body.
Ok. So I'm being a bit dramatic.
It's only strep.
But it won't go away!
So since I'm stuck in bed (again!), hoping that this second round of
medicine does the trick and since I haven't been able to
take ANY project 365 pics, I thought I'd post
a new Fashion Friday.
It's been awhile, after all...and this is as close as
I can come, in my current condition,
to going on a shopping spree...
so with that I give you
"She's Lost Control"
She's Lost Control
She's Lost Control - by downanddirty on
until next time.

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