Thursday, May 15, 2008

last night

It rained last night. That may well be an understatement. The sky exploded last night. Ordinarily I love the rain...there are few things better than a good thunderstorm...but last night...BLURGH!
I woke up to a super loud clap of thunder that shook my house around 3:30 am. I rolled over and went back to sleep...well...tried to go back to sleep...the power went off, which, in and of itself, is not a problem...but what is a
problem is the fact that when my power goes out the smoke alarm in my bedroom beeps...LOUDLY...and it doesn't stop until the power is back I spent the wee hours of the morning today listening to a deafening
BEEEEEEEEEP sound every 3 minutes...this continued until 6:15 this morning.
As you can well imagine, I am an absolute delight to be around today.
*checks watch*
When is nap time?

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