Friday, May 29, 2009

Contest Announcement (that means FREE STUFF!)

Who among us does not love to get
something (preferably something good) for nothing?
Not a one of us.
We all love it.
With the economy showing few signs of improving,
free has become one of my favorite words.
I'm guessing it's one of yours as well...
it is with that in mind that I will be hosting
a coloring contest.
Next week I will be posting an image for you to download,
print and decorate in whatever way you see fit.
Then all you need to do is email me your gorgeous/flamboyant/bizarre
work of awesomeness.
What do you get in return, you ask?
Well all the entries will be posted here for the world to see
(so let's try to keep the content appropriate for the under 18 crowd, shall we)
and one lucky winner will win a free photo
from Down & Dirty Designs.
Its that simple!
So get your crayons, glitter glue and sequins ready
and stay tuned!
I'll be back next week to post the complete details and
coloring sheet.
Have a smashing weekend, one and all!

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