Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What A Lovely Day

I just thought I'd share my latest piece with everyone.
It was originally intended for the now canceled
"Postcards from Dystopia"
group show at Art Raw Gallery...
but since that exhibit has gone the way of the
dodo I figured I would just post it here
for you all to enjoy.
I may make a limited run of prints available in my shop
Down & Dirty Designs,
but I have yet to decide...but rest assured I'll
be sure to let you know what I decide.

"a day in the park"

copyright down & dirty designs 2009
all rights reserved

have a smashing day!


  1. Thanks, SW :)
    I'm just not sure I want to invest much more energy into etsy...I've been going back and forth on the decision for some time and I'm still not sure what direction to go next. Etsy has so many talented artists and crafters that it's almost impossible for people to find you...and I'm finding that networking, relisting and the like simply don't work for me...
    so, yeah...i'm just really not sure what my next step should be...maybe I'll give etsy one more chance...we shall see.