Tuesday, February 3, 2009

sniffle sniffle

It would seem the fates are conspiring against my attempt at project 365.
You might have noticed that I did not post a photo yesterday...nor
will one be posted today.
The problem, you see, is that I have fallen rather ill.
I have contracted a wretched little bug that is keeping me in bed
with a rather high fever.
So I'm afraid that I shall have to cheat and take several pics once I'm better and
post-date them.
I know it's not the same and I know that isn't the point of this
exercise, but given the circumstances
it is the best I can do.
So as to not leave you empty handed I leave you with this hilarious


  1. Oh, take care of yourself! I got
    a nasty bug in January which morphed into pneumonia. Don't worry about pics...we will survive!

    hee, would you love to live next to
    Mr. Jones?

    Sending you get-well wishes,


  2. thanks so much for the well wishes:)
    sorry to hear about your pheumonia...yuck! you're well now i hope.

    as for Mr. Jones...yeah...not so much.
    In my yard! I don't care!