Wednesday, January 7, 2009

project 365 #7

"she's lost control"
she's lost control
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all rights reserved

I took this while watching the film "Control."
Joy Division is one of those rare bands whose music has not
only stood the test of time, but actually manages to still sound
like something new, modern, current.
I have no doubt that 50 years from now a dj could
throw a Joy Division track on the air
and it would still sound completely contemporary and ground breaking.
Long Live Joy Division.


  1. I couldn't agree more. I think it's because Ian Curtis wrote with and about such bleak desolation, which is always in vogue

    I love that movie too, Anton Cobijn is a genius with the black and white, you can get lost for days in his blacks.

  2. *nods head in eager agreement*
    While others have tried writing about the same subject matter, most of them have failed in making the same connection with the audience as Ian Curtis did(does). He was able to eloquently convey his thoughts and feelings, however bleak, in a universally appealing (maybe appealing isn't quite the right word...but it will do for now) manner.
    As for Cobijn, yes yes and more they still or in motion, his images are truly awesome.