Friday, January 30, 2009

Playing Project 365 Catch-Up

ok. So I haven't been able to post for the past week,
so now it's a game of catch-up.
You shall now be bombarded (as promised) with image numbers 23-29.
I'll try to get #30 up today, but it may well get lumped
together with 31.
The past week has been insanely hectic. It involved a collision between a suitcase and used cat litter, the most
grackles i've ever seen in one place at one time,
a hidden button, a HUGE bubble, amazing cupcakes and cuban food (but
not at the same time, thank god...yuck.), the best friends ever
and a fruitless quest for Howard Hughes' tombstone.
oh my oh yes.
but i digress...i now present to you
Project 365 #23-29

"shop smart. shop s mart."
shop smart. shop s mart.


"well traveled"
well traveled

"up in smoke"
up in smoke


"for lee"

"#CF172-9 reporting"
#CF172-9 reporting
each and every image copyright down & dirty designs 2009
all rights reserved


  1. #28, I love, love love it. Actually, I love them all. I'm going to have to check back more frequently! Lovely work!

  2. thanks:)
    i couldn't believe the marquee...that's my favorite line from the was a lucky lucky catch...