Friday, January 9, 2009

Fashion Friday

I was listening to the wonderfully amazing Zoe Keating while shopping around...
which resulted in the following:
frozen angels
frozen angels by downanddirty
#9 in project 365 will be posted later today...
but right now I'm off to buy the last bit of supplies
for the new Civil War inspired jewelry line I'm
working on...
more info on that at a later date.


  1. thank you...i'm having a hard time not buying that mask...i might have to freeze my credit card in a block of ice to stop myself :)

  2. I really would like to see you with this set, especially the mask. You would be the most beautiful swan of the lake.

    Let me wish you a belated Happy New Year, by the way.

  3. why thank you :)
    and a very happy belated new year to you as well.
    may it bring you every happiness.