Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Morning Cup of Attention Deficit Disorder

I am predisposed to bouts of fixation/obsession. Not a creepy kind of obsession, mind you...more like a "Wow, I love this! How have I managed to live without it this long!?" kind of obsession. What am I currently obsessed with? In the interest of time, we'll go with the short list today, shall we?

Obsession #1:
Choward's Violet Mints

These things make me drool just thinking about them. Admittedly, they might not be to everyone's taste, (I had one friend say it was like sucking on a sachet from someone's underwear drawer.) but I think they're divine. They taste like violets. Yes, violets and they're yummy in my tummy. They have a slightly powdery, sweet floral taste. Give 'em a try. You can order them direct through Choward's or at

Obsession #2:
I first discovered Cheerwine while I was rehearing for a production of "Fumed Oak" when I was 11 years old. By the time I was 12 I couldn't find it anywhere. Jump waaaaay ahead to 2006...I was in a theater watching what was quite possibly the worst film ever made when what did I spy in the background? A Cheerwine vending machine. This brought me hope that my beloved soda was still being manufactured. Lo and behold, it is. Can I get a woohoo? WooHoo!

Obsession #3:
These gorgeous items by these etsy sellers
Buy Handmade

One question (or rant, depending on your point of view):
When did reporters (in all forms of media) become so confused? It seems that journalists are editorializing. There are no ethics in journalism anymore. Reporters are to give the facts, not opinions...with all the spinning and slanting that has been going on this election year (hell...the past 10 years for that matter) it's a wonder that everyone isn't completely dizzy.
"Obama is a socialist." "McCain is a racist." "What common food item in your kitchen is killing you right now? Tune in at 10 for the answer."
The news media is filled with rumors, lies and sensationalism. They prey on fear to gain viewer/readership. A newspaper shouldn't endorse a candidate (I'll bet there's fair and unbiased coverage there, eh?) *ahem...Washington Post...ahem...Boston Herald...ahem*
The news outlets should all be ashamed of themselves. I shudder to think what will happen if the media continues down this road void of ethics and real information.

I leave you with this:


  1. Ok first of all the penguin, blatant exploitation but so cute... I don't know what to think! I will have to try the mints and cheerwine next time I'm in the US :)

    As for reporters, I completely agree with you, I can partly accept newspapers having a slant either way (afterall, you have a choice what paper you want to buy) even though I think they should be down the middle but I think television really should be an unbiased media.

    Ultimately as with just about everything, it's about money, people will report whatever they can to sell the most newspapers, have the most viewers, the more sensational the better for them of course. But it would probably be a difficult thing to keep on top of, freedom of speech afterall, and does anything ever offer a truly unbiased opinion on anything? Most likely very rarely. We can only hope that most individuals are sensible enough to try and learn as many facts about something as possible rather than trust one source for any given subject.

    What was the worst ever movie btw? :oP

  2. The movie was called GraveDancers. It was part of a horror film festival called 8 Films to Die For. The Hamiltons was good though...predictable, but good.

  3. Oh yeah I remember they were running that festival when I was in the US a couple of years ago. Wow, that movie does look pretty bad from the trailer (Clare Kramer was Glory in Buffy, of course).

    Still, it's pretty much time to watch a trashy horror movie every night for the next week or so :)

  4. well don't waste your time with that one. blech! like i said: the highlight of the film is the Cheerwine vending machine (and by the're going to have a difficult time tracking down cheerwine in the northeastern might want to try Moxie instead.

  5. Ha ha! I just popped by to visit and saw your Etsy wish-list on this post... looks JUST like my Victorian Occultist Treasury that I made today!! Too spooky...

    Also, I heart Ectomo too...

    xoxo Chok

  6. hahaha...
    there is a very good reason for that,'s because I hearted just about everything in your treasury earlier this evening ;)
    what can I say...your treasury is truly drool-worthy...

    that's one thing I dislike about the etsy minis...antyime you heart an item the mini changes...which is great for keeping people updated on your own shop, but if you want to specifically feature items in other shops (which is what was originally in this post) then your forced to not add any new favorites...they should really allow you toggle the updates on and off...

    sorry...was just thinking out loud ;)

  7. Ah-HAH!

    No, I'm with you, I love / hate that feature, too... but the only way to avoid that is to screen-grab your mini, but then it's no longer hot links. Sigh.

  8. I think I just might have to email them and make a suggestion...there are soooooooooooo many etsy bloggers that I'm sure would love to see changes to the mini's features.