Thursday, June 12, 2008

Good Thoughts & Useless Trivia

I'll start today's post by requesting that everyone send warm and happy get-well-soon thoughts to my super-sweet cat Mischa (that's him in the photo). He's not feeling so hot right now so any positive energy that could be sent his way would be greatly appreciated...and how could anyone not send good energy to such a cutie-patootie.

Now that the most important issue has been addressed we can move on to much more trivial bits:

Little Known Odd & Completely Random Fact of the Day:
Alice Cooper and Mickey Dolenz (yes, Mickey Dolenz from The Monkees) used to be golfing buddies.
It's a fact.

John Lennon, Harry Nilsson,
Alice Cooper, Micky Dolenz 1973
photo taken from

want some more useless information?
well then you're in luck!

things I'm loving right now:
1) my awesome new haircut...LOVE IT!
2) the smell of violets, jasmine and gardenias
3) the anticipation of the new X-Files movie
4) knowing that a tax rebate check means a new camera

things i'm loathing right now:
1) the fact that pharmaceutical companies don't make oral antibiotics for pets in an easy to administer cream/gel form (just try giving a cat pills or liquid antibiotics and you'll understand my supreme irritation).
2) gas prices
3) the anticipation of the new X-Files movie
4) waiting for the tax rebate check


  1. Hope Mischa gets better soon, horrible thing when pets are poorly.

    What's the new hairdo like?

  2. Thanks :)
    He's on pain meds, probiotics and antibiotics right now...and he is NOT a good medicine taker, so you can imagine the fun he and I are having...but the Doc says he should show significant signs of improvement within the next 48 all fingers and toes x'ed.

    as for the hair:
    it's sassy and wild, just like me :)
    I may or may not post a know how fickle I am after all...


  3. Fingers and toes crossed indeed, for Mischa and a picture :oP

  4. thanks :)
    we have to go back to the vet today to give him some more subcutaneous fluids for his dehydration, but he seems to feel much better...he's been super-frisky all morning :)