Monday, May 19, 2008

makes me smile

I was listening to the radio yesterday when Billy Joel's "Only the Good Die Young" came on. I couldn't stop smiling...not because I'm a Billy Joel fan, but because it reminded me of something I had completely forgotten about...

Many moons ago I used to travel around the country working at Renaissance Fairs. At the Arizona fair I managed a pottery booth. I had a hawker, for privacy purposes I shall refer to him as L, who would stand out front all day telling jokes and singing songs to draw in business.

One night, I was walking down the trail to my campsite with my then boyfriend when we bumped into L. He was carrying his ukulele and smiling (as usual) from ear to ear. He proceeded to drop to one knee and serenade us, on his ukulele mind you, with "only the good die young."

It was just one of those wonderful random moments that, I'm quite sure, will still make me smile when I'm old and grey.

And if truth be told, I'll take L's ukulele rendition over Billy's any day.

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